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Rob Hough

"Diamond" Doug Cannon

"the Legendary' Julie Barry

Dorrie Lee

Historic Music from our studios in the Historic Holland Building on Route 66! Thank You for listening to Radios Greatest Hits.com               

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the Nations Largest Music Library

From the 50's to the 80's it's Radios Greatest Hits! From Frank to Whitney...Les Paul and Mary Ford to Karen and Richard....the Platters to the Spinners. Radio's Best Days are Back!  The magical sounds that came out that speaker are here and sounding better than ever! radiosgreatesthits.com  


No "Side 2 Cut 4"....It's ALL Hits!

America's Top Air Personalities with more years in the Air Chair than they'd like to admit.  Your hosts take you to live performances from the Nations' greatest stages.  From the Copa to the Sands, you have front row seats right here on Radiosgreatesthits.com


Great Radio is Back and Better than Ever

Remember when EVERY song was great?  Your station played everything you liked and you didn't have to turn the dial after each song in search of another good one. We're back and it's why we're simply called Radios Greatest Hits. Because it's what we play...all day...all night