The On-Air Pros


Talent That Knew The Artists and KNOWS the Music

Rob Hough...Ellen Bruning... Jorie Leanne...and...Dale Tyler.  All with more years "working over a hot microphone"than they'd care to admit.

We Play What You Want To Hear

It's important to us!  We remember when every song was a GREAT song. The website makes your e-quests easy!

These Are The Songs You Remember

Played by the airstaff that remembers them too  Yes...some of our air-talent played radiosgreatesthits as CURRENTS!  

Live Concerts to "Live" Concerts

radiosgreatesthits recalls the days of the amazing venues!  The Vegas Strip to the hottest spots in New York City. The Sands to the Waldorff. Our airstaff takes you back to REAL "live" concerts.

Tell Your Friends!

The songs WE remember...delivered the WAY we remember are back!  All in one place.  Online.  On your computer...on your tablet...or on your smartphone.  Its 

It's Americas' MOST AMAZING Library

All under one at YOUR station.  Americas' Largest Library put together simply as....yes you know....

If it was a great song and your radio played it...welcome home!